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Refrismo 7" Urinal Screen Deodorizer (30-Pack)

Refrismo 7" Urinal Screen Deodorizer (30-Pack)

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Elevate your restroom experience with Refrismo's 7" Urinal Screens – the ultimate solution for a consistently fresh and inviting facility. Our innovative screens are designed to fit most urinals, offering long-lasting odor control and preventing drainage issues. Choose from a variety of delightful scents and pack sizes to suit your specific needs.

Available in multiple refreshing scents:
Ocean, Lemon, Orange, Lavender, Cherry

Key Benefits of Our 7" Urinal Screen Deodorizers: 

  • Fits standard urinals with ease
  • Choose from convenient pack options to meet your quantity requirements
  • Each screen provides up to 45 days of continuous freshness
  • Effectively neutralizes odors, ensuring a pleasant restroom environment
  • Prevents clogs and drainage issues, reducing maintenance costs
  • Easy installation and hassle-free replacement
  • Environmentally friendly, reducing waste from traditional urinal screens
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and restroom cleanliness
  • Cost-effective solution for businesses and facilities

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